Your green solution for sterilization

Avantti Medi Clear is the first company in Tijuana that specializes in medical device sterilization and provides outsourced electron beam sterilization product testing, Dosimetry, dose mapping and dose validation studies to medical device manufacturers in Baja California and other regions of Mexico.

Avantti Medi Clear provides medical device manufacturers in the Baja California area with an E-Beam sterilization facility that will allow for local sterilization and reduce the need to ship to the US for sterilization. In addition, Avantti Medi Clear has a state-of-the-art dosimetry laboratory that can facilitate testing and dose mapping requirements for new products.

Avantti Medi Clear, with the support of Mevex Corporation and The National Center for Electron Beam, provides trained personnel with industry expertise at the facility to support clients in servicing, validating and problem-solving all issues relating to sterilization.

Manufacturers must demonstrate complete regulatory compliance throughout their manufacturing and distribution cycle. We recognize that compliance is a prerequisite for successful long-term operations in the medical device industry. Avantti Medi Clear will provide transparent, timely service which abides by all regulatory requirements.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to establish Avantti Medi Clear as the electron beam sterilization service provider of choice for medical device manufacturers in Baja California. We will provide product compatibility testing, sterilization validation tests and other associated tests to streamline our clients’ supply chains and ultimately reduce their costs.

We will provide reliable services with consistent quality, utilizing a technologically advanced sterilization that will meet all regulatory requirements and supply chain management objectives.

Our key values are Speed, Responsiveness, Reliability and Quality.

We succeed by building TRUST.

In collaboration with the National Center for Electron Beam Research at Texas A&M University System* and Mevex Corporation, Avantii Medi Clear will provide solutions allowing our customers to:

  • concentrate on their core business activities
  • reduce their costs through inventory reduction and improved turnover, enabling a lean supply chain and
  • therefore strengthen their market position

We designed reliable equipment and prompt process times, which allow us to be responsive to our customers’ needs.

We will continually improve our service levels, speed, transparency, process controls and operating costs.

We hired and trained people to have the proper skills, knowledge and capability to consistently deliver the service that we pledge to our customers. We recognize that our ability to deliver on our promises is only as good as the training, the corporate culture and attitude of our employees. We are committed to the systematic development of cross training between employees. We will utilize standard operating procedures. We will emphasize accountability to improve our responsiveness and our ability to exchange complex information without error and making information available when needed for decision making.