Our Facilities

The sterilization facility is located close to the Medical Cluster and Otay/San Diego Border and a few miles from the Tijuana International Airport. Clients can take advantage of tariff free materials and equipment via NAFTA.

The building is 31,071 square feet (2,900 M2) which is sufficient space for operation and will allow for future modification and expansion.

The electron beam facility instrumentation includes one 10 Mev (20 Kilowatt) vertically mounted electron beam linear accelerator, built and engineered by Mevex. The accelerator and the conveyor system are automated and can be calibrated to deliver doses ranging from a few Grays to thousands of kilo Grays. The facility will utilize a single conveyance system to move the product in and out of the process chamber.

The facility will operate under the guidelines of all the appropriate regulatory requirements designated by each industry. Through satisfying the relevant international standards, we provide assurance of regulatory compliance for our clients and open up international market opportunities for regional clients.